Cast a Wicca spell: make someone love you

What you need to cast this spell

  • 1 wine glass
  • 1 ring
  • red silk ribbon


How to cast this spell to make someone love you?

Love is a very strong emotion and it happens, you cannot make someone love you. This is the thoughts and perceptions of the practical people of this world. If you are a believer, and are ready to experiment, then you will get to hear other things. There is something called magic in this world and to the believers, it is pretty powerful a medium that can make things work. If you want to make someone fall in love with you, the way is Wiccan spells. When you are ready to experiment with various things, you must remember that even magic cannot make someone fall for another, but if there is a little interest, the spells can make that stronger and open the ways.


In order to perform this ritual you will need a wine glass, some length of red silk ribbon and a ring. If you want to perform it traditionally, then you have to use your mother’s wedding band. You have to set the glass on the table and suspend the ring from one end of the ribbon. The ribbon should be hold between your thumb and forefinger. Then you will suspend the ribbon and the ring in the air on the mouth of the glass. Initially you have to try and make the ring remain still. In the next stage you will start chanting your name followed by the name of the person you desire. The name of that person should be chanted three times at a row. This will go on for a while and along with that you will swing the ribbon like a pendulum.


All the while you will let the ring swing and think about the person. Finally you should let the ring chink with the glass with each of the letters of the name. All this while, your elbow will be rested on the table. After the ritual is over, you have to tie the ribbon around your neck and let the ring fall on your chest just over your heart. You have to wear it for three weeks and have to repeat the ritual every Friday. After those three weeks, if there is something truly between you two, the person you are craving for will come to you. Your desire will come true only if you believe in it, because trust and belief has a power that can make anything happen. If you have decided to take the help of magic you should do that with complete belief and involvement.